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We are offering short courses and workshops in Fashion Design, led by Yvonne Njau. Yvonne is a Tanzanian Fashion Designer studying in IFA Paris, France. 

These workshops will allow anyone of any age (above the age of 15 years) to develop a passion for fashion, and actually learn how to create pieces themselves. We aim to structure it so that there is something to learn for beginners as well as advanced students.

Please join us in the 2018 Summer Workshops!

"When It Comes To Dressing, Comfort Is Overrated. A Little Discomfort Probably Means Your Clothes Fit And They're Not Pajamas" -  Timm Gunn

Our ethos centers on sharing knowledge, in an affordable way and with purpose. We want to make sure when you leave our class, you have gained something you can carry with you in to the real world.

There are many courses to chose from organised in three main tracks:


Fashion Design and Styling


Patternmaking and Production



Fashion Design & Styling
(6 days)

Discount of up to Tshs 50,000/= for all sessions.

Fashion Design Introduction - FD1

Learn how to create a complete fashion collection from start to finish, including sketching silhouettes.

Tshs 30,000
(1 day)

Fashion Design Intermediate - FD2

This will extend the knowledge of FD1 and include areas such as storyboard / moodboard and lookbook.

Tshs 40,000
(1 day)

Industrial Design - FD3

Ever wondered how a garment factory is able to design and make its clothes - find out! So when you send your designs to a factory e.g. in China for production - you send technical and flat drawings and optionaly a collection plan. 

Tshs 30,000
(1 day)

Creating a Fashion Magazine - FD4

Learn what it takes to design and create a fashion magazine - storyboards and content creation are key!

Tshs 60,000
(2 day)

Styling and Decor - FD5

Take a look at anyone's wardrobe and learn how to stylize and accessorize professionally. This workshop will look at researching and creating looks taking into account factors e.g. seasons and yearly trends.

Tshs 40,000
(1 day)

Patternmaking and Production
(11 days)

Discount of up to Tshs 100,000/= for all sessions.

Introduction to the Machine - PP1

Learn how to stitch (straight line, corners and in circles), how to handle and use a machine (placing / inserting needles, bobycasing, zipper placement).

Tshs 30,000
(1 day)

Draping Fabric - PP2

Draping is one of the most important techniques and most versatile. In this session we will learn to create a Bias top / dress just by using draping.

Tshs 80,000
(2 days)

Pattern Cutting - PP3

Here, we will learn how to cut a pattern from a given fabric, e.g. for a wrap or a tulle, skirt or a shift dress.

Tshs 80,000
(2 days)

Production for Beginners - PP4

Having mastered the basics, we go into an introduction of production techniques, e.g. all types of stitches, different types of finishing, gatherings, and slits.

Tshs 60,000
(2 days)

Production for Intermediates - PP5

Intermediate students can then learn more techniques, e.g. how to create a ruffle garment, darts and creating pockets and collars.

Tshs 80,000
(2 days)

Production for Advanced students - PP6

This last module will take all the techniques we have learnt and make a garment from begin to end: e.g. a skirt (tulle or wrap) and a dress (shift).

Tshs 120,000
(2 days)

(10 days)

Discount of up to Tshs 60,000/= for all sessions.

Pleating - WP1

Learn how to walk away with a nice pleated garment - all done by you! Pleating is a very basic technique that you can use to make a variety of pieces.

Tshs 40,000
(1 days)

Knit it - WP2

Ever made a scarf or sweater! Plan ahead already for X-mas and knit something - come learn how to!

Tshs 60,000
(2 day)

Making that bag - WP3

Come learn to create your own fabric bag, it's incredibly easy and fun to learn. You can work this with a variety of fabrics including leather.

Tshs 60,000
(2 day)

Tie and Dye - WP4

It's all about that tie and dye in this session. Change and transform your fabric with a little colour.

Tshs 40,000
(1 day)

Fabric Transformation and Printing - WP5

Learn how to create unique printed fabric that carries that special meaning that only you know but of course, that looks good!

Tshs 80,000
(2 days)

Recycling and Repeat - WP6

Imagine yourself as the designer on project runway and create fantastic creations - using well, garbage. It is loads of fun and a great design challenge!

Tshs 80,000
(2 days)


This table summarizes all our sessions, with their individual fees and starting dates. Please remember we will have two sessions for each topic - one in July 2018 and another in August 2018. 

You can also search them by their codes - FD / PP / WP.

Fashion Design IntroductionFD1
2018-07-022018-08-061Tshs 30,000
Fashion Design IntermediateFD22018-07-042018-08-071Tshs 40,000
Industrial DesignFD32018-07-052018-08-091Tshs 30,000
Creating a Fashion MagazineFD42018-07-062018-08-102Tshs 60,000
Styling and DecorFD52018-07-102018-08-131Tshs 40,000
Introduction to the Machine!PP12018-07-112018-08-141Tshs 30,000
Draping FabricPP22018-07-122018-08-152Tshs 80,000
Pattern CuttingPP32018-07-142018-08-172Tshs 80,000
Production for BeginnersPP42018-07-172018-08-212Tshs 60,000
Production for IntermediatesPP52018-07-192018-08-232Tshs 80,000
Production for Advanced studentsPP62018-07-232018-08-252Tshs 120,000
PleatingWP12018-07-252018-08-281Tshs 40,000
Knit it!WP22018-07-262018-08-292Tshs 60,000
Making that bagWP32018-07-282018-08-312Tshs 60,000
Tie and DyeWP42018-07-302018-09-021Tshs 40,000
Fabric Transformation and PrintingWP52018-08-01-2Tshs 80,000
Recycling and RepeatWP62018-08-02-2Tshs 80,000
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